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“A Celebration of Our Croatian Culinary Heritage:
Cherished Croatian and American Recipes”

Treasured family recipes from Croatia, Dalmatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina & the greater Mediterranean, as well as favorite American recipes submitted by Croatian American Women’s Club members in Los Angeles. 700 recipes!

Discover easy-to-follow recipes for traditional and regional Croatian favorites, such as Pašticada, Brudet/Brodet, Risotto, Buzara, Mlinci, Ćevapčići, Bakalar, Palačinke, Sarma, Štrukli, Paprenjaci, Kremšnite, Fritule, Uštipke, Pita, Štrudel, Povitica/ Potica, Polenta, a wide variety of lamb, seafood and pasta recipes, and much, much more! Vegetarians and gluten-free cooks will also appreciate a selection of recipes catering to their preferences.

This new Croatian-American cookbook also highlights the history of some of California’s favorite Croatian-owned restaurants dating back to 1849, including old favorites such as Tadich Grill, Good Fellow’s Grotto, Nickodell, Ante’s, Cigo’s and more.

Since its formation in the 7th century AD, Croatia has been at the crossroads of many different cultures, all of which have left their mark on its food. Situated in southeastern Europe, Croatia shares its northwest border with Italy, its northern border with Slovenia and Hungary, its eastern border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and with Serbia, and its southern border with Montenegro. There are also over 1,000 islands along Croatia’s coast!

Along the picturesque Adriatic coast, you will find the finest Mediterranean cuisine with plenty of olive oil, olives, garlic, seafood, risotto and pasta. Inland, the cuisine varies from one region to another, influenced primarily by Hungarian and central European cuisine as well as by Turkish and Arabic cuisine.

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Sample recipes, old and new, from the cookbook:

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