Charitable Giving

Organizations We Support

The Croatian American Women’s Club (CAWC) affords women the opportunity to get together, laugh, and make new friends while volunteering their time to benefit worthwhile causes. We hold fundraising activities throughout the year, and most of our efforts benefit causes right here in Southern California.

Our fundraising efforts currently support the following organizations. Click on the logos to visit their websites for more information.


Since 1984, Good Shepherd Center, founded in Los Angeles by Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc., has assisted the most vulnerable of the homeless population — women and children. Good Shepherd’s Women’s Village serves about 1,000 homeless women and children every year, and shelters up to 93 women and 40 children each night. There are several different transitional residences, a Village Kitchen, bakery and café that serve the community and provide residents with job training and experience in the culinary arts, and a Mobile Outreach Program to deliver food, clothing, offers of shelter and words of hope to women on the street.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1908 by Bishop Thomas Conaty, St. Anne’s began as a 12-bed hospital for pregnant, unwed, young mothers. At that time, St. Anne’s was a hiding place for young women to go in secrecy and to hide their pregnancies from the community and their families, and the majority of them gave their babies up for adoption. Today, the program serves some of the most abused, abandoned, neglected and otherwise challenged young women (ages 13 through 18) and children in Los Angeles County who are products of multiple foster placements, violence, poverty and neglect.


St. Anthony Croatian Catholic Parish was built in Los Angeles in 1910 under the leadership of Fr. Anthony Žuvić. Today, it remains a community of faith and love, with a revered ethnic heritage. The Church ministers to Croatian immigrants in the Greater Los Angeles Area and American-born Croatians with a mission of preserving the rich Croatian culture, traditions, customs, values and language for future generations.


DAM-Cancer FoundationSince July of 2009, the David Andrew “Pooh” Maddan Foundation (DAM-CANCER Foundation) has provided more than 200 financial grants to young adult cancer patients, ages 18 through 35, the most financially vulnerable of all the cancer age groups, to cover transportation costs, housing, food, insurance premiums, dental expenses as well as medications and supplies not covered by insurance. Additionally, DAM-CANCER Foundation is funding a clinical trial on the treatment of sarcomas in young adults at USC / Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Shoes That FitWhat began in Claremont, California in 1992 as the vision of one person with a heart for children and a passion for empowerment, has turned into the largest national organization of its kind. Today, Shoes That Fit is helping children in need in thousands of schools across America. Over 1.4 million pairs of new shoes and other necessities have been raised and distributed and that number continues to grow. Shoes That Fit is helping kids improve their self-esteem and fit in at school by eliminating one of poverty’s most visible and debilitating marks.


St Anthony Croatian Childrens SchoolThe St. Anthony Croatian Children’s School, a small cultural school with about 40 to 50 children ranging in ages from 3 to 12 years old, ensures that each student develops a firm foundation in their Croatian heritage, nurtured through a base of knowledge in the Croatian language, kolo dancing, music, singing, culture, traditions and history. They perform throughout the year with energy and enthusiasm.

We welcome you to join us in promoting our Croatian-American pride and service to the community!


Charitable Giving Policy

As a socially responsible 501(c)3 non-profit public charity, the Croatian American Women’s Club is proud to support the initiatives of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations in the following four core areas that represent the areas of emphasis identified in our mission statement:

  1. Celebrating Arts & Culture: We support programs, festivals, events and projects that deliver enriching experiences and bring music, theatre, dance and the visual arts to more people of all ages, backgrounds and economic means, especially those that foster and advance the Croatian ethnic identity and culture.
  2. Empowering Women, Children & Seniors: We support initiatives that help strengthen the health and quality of life of at-risk children, youth, women and the elderly in the areas of literacy, hunger, homelessness, abuse, violence, and other issues that affect the most vulnerable on a local, regional, national and international level.
  3. Improving Health and Wellness: We support organizations that improve health and wellness issues affecting families, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and age-related issues, as well as special health and wellness needs during times of emergency or natural disasters.
  4. Strengthening Community: We support programs and organizations that are geared toward reaching the underserved and strengthening the communities around us to help families and children reach their full potential.

We generally do NOT fund: individuals, for-profit enterprises, or political parties/campaigns.

We pledge that any donation the Croatian American Women’s Club may make will not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, or other basis prohibited by law.