Who We Are

What is a Croatian American Woman?

Our membership is small… but our dedication is mighty!! We take great pride in our Croatian roots and in being Croatian American women, as you can see from our Board Members’ thoughts:

avatarBeing a Croatian-American woman means faith, family and friendship. (Helena)

avatarBeing a Croatian woman means a commitment to God and family. Croatian women are not afraid to work hard, and have a strong work ethic. At the end of the day Croatian women are rewarded by a table of loved ones, warm smiles, and wonderful food. (Linda)

avatarBeing a Croatian-American woman means having the best of both worlds. It means being a person molded by nature and nurture, living in a country of opportunity and endless possibilities, entwined and ensconced in faith and family, with a strong ethnic identity and a solid belief in freedom and justice, possessing lots of heart, empathy, sympathy, laughter, and having the support of an entire “village.” (Maryann)

avatarMy Croatian heritage has created for me a strong bond and identity that includes family, friends, foods and traditions which have carried me and formed who I am. My Croatian roots and bond will remain with me throughout my life and are something I proudly pass down to my children. (Andrea)

avatarWhat does it mean to be a Croatian Woman?
- Family
- Friends/Lifetime Bonds
- Helping one another
- Cherished memories
- Strength

avatarFamily, Friendship, Culture, Generosity and Strength make up a Croatian woman. (Sanja)

avatarTo be a Croatian American woman we possess incredible spirit.
- Spirit to endure and to be successful.
- Spirit of great faith and family values.
- Spirit to be proud of our heritage.

avatarBeing a Croatian-American woman, I enjoy an extraordinary cultural history that spanned the great civilizations, the benefits of a rich heritage where family and faith are still something valuable, and culinary skills for a diverse & delightful cuisine that are channeled through me by my grandmother and great-grandparents! These things contribute to my overall well-being and identity. (Theresa)

avatarBeing blessed with the best. Living the beauty, richness, and joy of the Croatian Heritage in the liberty, diversity and vastness of the American Dream. (Marianna)

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