Welcome! Dobro došli!

The Croatian American Women’s Club (CAWC) was founded in 2011 as a cultural, charitable and social women’s organization dedicated to preserving and promoting our Croatian ethnic identity.

We believe that people are drawn to those with whom they share similar ethnic experiences. Croatian American Women’s Club welcomes all women over 18 who are of Croatian descent or married to Croatians. Young women between the ages of 13 and 17 are also welcome to become Junior Members. Our goal is to discover, unite and mobilize the extraordinary talents of Croatian American women!

Croatian American Womens Club members gather regularly at meetings, picnics, parties and special events to celebrate the culture, food and folklore of Croatia, and to advocate our benevolent/charitable campaigns.

Objectives of the Croatian American Women’s Club:

  • To nurture and promote our Croatian heritage and traditions.
  • To give Croatian American women a unified presence in American society.
  • To support and aid the Croatian American community that surrounds us.
  • To provide a forum for our members to discuss issues that impact their lives.
  • To collaborate with similar women’s organizations around the globe.

We invite you to contribute your spirit, energy and talent to our organization. Come learn more about us and join us in celebrating Croatian American women!